"I just get super sick of Android phones being really glitch."

May 8, 2016

Recently I conduct an interview with a person who would like to fix his electronic devices himself. I found some very interesting thoughts behind a user who switch from Android phones to iPhone.



Interviewee Profile

Joseph Marrone, 26 years old male. He is a self employee fabricator and repaired technician. He makes 30,000 dollars per-year. He likes to repair broken electronics and sometimes he also fix them for friends and families.


Why I chose him

He used to work at a computer repair store in Santa Rosa. Beside, he also likes to fixed his own electronics.


Transcript for the interview

F / When did you got your first  smart phone?

J / Umm.. I got my first smart phone probably around 2006 or 7 

F / How old were you since that?

J / I was probably 16 or 17 years old.

F / Oh... When you went to high school.

J / Yea... Late high school.

F / Right on. Umm... So how many smartphones you have you own in your life?

J / I would say at least 15...

F / Wow, Thats a lot! So what’s the first model you had? I meant like what brand of the phone you had?

J / I think it was an Android one? I think it is Motorola.

F / Oh! It is Motorola. So what kind of phone are you using now?

J / Yea...An iPhone. APPLE IPHONE 6 (Happy)

F / Umm.. What was your last phone? 

J / Stupid Motorola.

F / Ah...So when did you change your last phone? Why? Like when and why?

J / I changed my phone few moths ago... Coz I just get super sick of Android phones being really glitch, and all around aren’t working that great, and I realized that iPhones are far superior, and I finally decided to get one.

F / I see...So like you probably have 15 smart phones you had before right? You like to try different kinds of phone or what? 

F / Or you just want one with no reasons? I meant like you are 26 years old now and you probably changing phones every one year, even less than...

J / I did tried iPhone before. I used to get “used” Android phones on Craigslist for really cheap, and they just wouldn’t last very long or used. They aren’t working very well...

F / I see, so you don’t think it is worthed or like you just want to buy a used phone? Or what?

J / Yeah... I always just want to on get as cheap as I can get. As cheap like 20 or 30 bucks sometimes..Yeah... A smartphone, and I meant after doing that for years, I would said it isn’t worthed.

F / Why?

J / Because I spent years... For the majority of years I had phones that aren’t working very well, and just really glitch, and didn’t even work for the most of the applications.

F / Alright, let me think... So you had these amount of phones used experience, so where did the phones you had before goes? Like where are they now?

J / Well, I still have some that I’m gonna trying sell in the used market or not, but I meant honestly I don’t where a lot of them went.

F / You save it? You don’t what to get rid of it or what?

J / Well... I given some to friends, I still hold on some. I just used to be attached to Android, and always thought Android has better operating system for me coz I never been super been into Apple products...It took me awhile to go away for Android...

(Stay tune...)



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