what is

Technological progress invisibly influences people to change their phone more frequently. What I would like to do is persuade people to 

buy less, prevent the toxic of e-waste pollute our land.

Insight 01

People lessen their emotional attachment to their used phones, and evolve with the

new models. 

Insight 02

People don’t consider the benefit and ease of e-cycling in contemporary society. 

Insight 03

Promotional offers influence people to consistently get new phones every one or two years. 

Strategy 01

Increase the emotional attachment between phones

and people.

Strategy 02

Provide context to increase the understanding of how e-cycling can be tangibly executed, and the truth cycling process.

Strategy 03

Inform people of the down

sides of constantly getting new phones.

to know more?

Download the PDF file to see what I want to achieve in the following years and know more about my thesis.


Strategy Chart